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Many of us have a family member or a close friend who has been affected by cancer. In 2019, one of our team members, Jon, was diagnosed with stage 2 testicular cancer and underwent 9 weeks of chemotherapy. By the end of the year, he made a full recovery.

Jon, our endurance specialist, believes that his healthy lifestyle choices, high level of fitness, and determination to continue exercising throughout his treatment helped him fight cancer. He experienced fewer side effects from the treatment, recovered quickly, and remained positive throughout.

Jon's passion for fitness helped him to quickly bounce back, and within a few months of finishing his treatment, he was back to competing in triathlons at full fitness.


Scott and Martin supported Jon throughout his treatment and are excited to be part of this remarkable story. 


Read more about Jon’s cancer journey  - Triathlete vs Cancer.


We have witnessed firsthand the effect cancer had on one of our team members. We are excited to raise awareness and gather donations for our partner cancer charities. We feel privileged to contribute to their initiatives in making a meaningful difference in the fight against cancer.


Cancer is a devastating experience for everyone involved, regardless of age. The three of us are parents to amazing children, and the thought of a young child and their family battling cancer is heart-wrenching. Young Lives Vs Cancer is a charity that provides support to families of young cancer patients every step of the way, helping those who are diagnosed to not just survive, but thrive. Throughout the campaign we will push ourselves to our physical and mental limits to raise as much money as possible to support Young Lives vs Cancer in the fight against cancer.


The message from Move Against Cancer is clear: "Exercise is one of the most important things anyone diagnosed with cancer can do to enhance well-being and improve health outcomes during and after treatment." We wholeheartedly support this message. We have witnessed Jon's remarkable recovery from cancer and seen the positive impact that exercise has had on his physical and mental well-being during his recovery. We are excited to collaborate with Move Against Cancer and want everyone to get active and keep moving.


We believe that our partner charities are well-suited to align with our mission of inspiring and motivating people to lead active lives and overcome life's challenges. Together, our charities do fantastic work in the UK and around the world to enable people of all ages to thrive, not just survive, cancer.


Young Lives vs Cancer help families face everything cancer throws at them through:

Day to day support for families and children through their network of social workers.

Campaigning for change 

Giving free 'home from home' accommodation for families near hospitals, keeping families together when it matters most.

Care teams provide bereavement support through home visits, local support groups and memory days.​​


Every day 12 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer.

Young Lives vs Cancer help over 6000 children a year.

Nearly a million £'s worth of grants are given to families every year.

487 families stayed in a 'home from home' provided by Young Lives vs Cancer in 2023.


Move against cancer empowers those impacted by cancer to live active, fulfilling lives by:

Founding 5K Your Way - monthly, community based, nationwide Park Run events where anyone impacted by cancer can: walk, jog, run, cheer or volunteer.

Offer free 8 week 1:1 online sessions with cancer rehab instructors for 13-30 year olds facing cancer. 

Cancer specialists and experts offer resources to support, educate, inspire and empower those living with and beyond cancer to move more.​​

There are  now 98 5K Your Way groups across the UK.

483 people have been supported through the Cancer Rehab Programme. 

£25 provides one hour of specialist 1:1 support for a young person with cancer.

Exercise can improve health outcomes both during and after cancer treatment

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