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Rannoch R45 - 'Freedom'

World Record attempts need the world’s fastest and most reliable boat:


We have purchased an R45 ocean rowing boat named Freedom directly from the manufacturer, Rannoch. We are excited to work directly with Rannoch to ensure we have the best equipment for our world record attempt. Our boat has been tried and tested and will be handed over to our team in Spring 2025 for its second journey across the Atlantic.


The R45 has been the go-to choice for ambitious teams for over a decade and holds several world records. We have made the decision to purchase our boat 18 months ahead of our crossing to give ourselves as much time as possible to become familiar with Freedom and learn how to get the most out of her with the help of our specialised coaching team. The resale value of ocean rowing boats has historically been very high due to the increasing popularity of the World’s Toughest Row. In our case, Freedom was procured for £62,000. As we have purchased Freedom directly from Rannoch, we can expect a good resale value to a future team at the end of our campaign.

Keep up to date and watch Freedom develop throughout our campaign on our blog.

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